world of inspiration

If you like all kinds of art, architecture, fashion, design, interior, documentary, photography and cultural things check out this place full of videotreasures nowness

There is a lot of lovely interior videos (enjoy 89 of them at their page)… this is one of them…..

5gSBZyWjQKq9BshIkBo7_Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.30.38.jpg

and a design video (enjoy 290 of them)……which is perfect, because I for the moment every second day create new pieces of ceramic…

m4VPwdxfQ0CiXzNa5GkQ_Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.32.11.jpg



design, process and product

Improvisations, productions, custom made, innovation, work in progress of nice designobjects made in a unique way…enjoy them..

The prototype. (bird). Could diy with fast drying concrete by susana found on

The Stool Production Unit by Thomas Vailly, who has a fascination for processes and transformation of matter. This Dutch designer is interested in creating the production process just as much as the design itself look at him at found at

The pottery “printer” is an analog machine that uses computational logics and automation processes to form pottery. An Innovative Catenary Pottery Printer By gt2P. Found at

When Studioattenzione visited the Dutch Design Week, they entered the world of the C-Fabriek, a new kind of factory set up by designers and innovators. Line 02 by Thomas Vailly is a versatile and low tech way to produce fluid and organic plastic shapes. Latex sheets can be stretched, scaled and blown to create an infinity of fluid volumes. Line 02 is a dialog between 3D-modeling, rapid prototyping, craftsmanship and design. Found at

I have shown this design earlier, but its wonderful so one more time….the Fabulous large-scale light sculpture, ‘Cloud’ by Caitlind Brown made from over 5,000 repurposed light bulbs and pull strings allowing viewers to interact. Found on

Bangkok-based THINKK Studio has constructed a low-tech machine that lets users customise the shape and colour of their own thread lampshades. Found on

IMPROVISATION MACH by ANNIKA FRYE – The improvisation machine is an experimental production set up: A series of rotational moulded pieces was produced in it. I transferred the industrial process of rotational molding into my atelier. Because I am not using a fixed mold that produces the same object every time, I can produce variation instead of repetition. Found on

“Rocking Knit” Found on


Fascinating sweaters with unique shapes, forms, textures and colours! Time for a new sweater project at home..

a class in ceramic

I wonder what I thought, when I applied the ceramic course, besides having some creative time, fun experience and hopefully some nice products in the end…the photos is what I dream about creating…but the funny thing is I hate having clay on my hands, you know the feeling of more and more dry hands…

I had a weeks course in ceramic during my study at The School of Design. I thought it looked so nice to sit and create pottery and ceramic, but I forgot the drying part….now I give it a try again…

MIMIRA POTTERY CENTER – India via google


found on pinterest

cool design

for dailylife, not that I find the designs aesthetic, BUT they are very functional, funny and helpful. Just think about the sleeping situation, and for those who hates to mix their food ingredients. I personally love the ink calendar and the solar charger…super design.

Those floors

aren’t they nice, the floors, shoes and the angle of the photos. Another wish for future tiles for kitchen and bathroom, or part of an entrancehall…..fresh and colourful.

Inspiring knit

This years hot arctic summer vacation have been spent with lots of knitting in  the sun and reading in the evening/nighttime, activities more related to fall. But the yarn and projects have been calling loudly. And these projects are just a little selection of things I would love to knit in the future…all those colourful sweaters must be so nice to knit.

Sometimes I wished my hands were speedknitting, bur perhaps its okay anyway they are slow and medium fast knitters.


knitted doormat, girly lamp, sweet matchsticks, lovely backsack, funny cups and naive kitchentools, nice and funny things

bling bling

Fantastic embroidery, knit, jewelry, patchwork, quilts and design by cuban born textile and fibre artist Lorena Marañon.

Enjoy some of her work here maranon. Playful, colourful and funny….