Fascinating sweaters with unique shapes, forms, textures and colours! Time for a new sweater project at home..

a class in ceramic

I wonder what I thought, when I applied the ceramic course, besides having some creative time, fun experience and hopefully some nice products in the end…the photos is what I dream about creating…but the funny thing is I hate having clay on my hands, you know the feeling of more and more dry hands…

I had a weeks course in ceramic during my study at The School of Design. I thought it looked so nice to sit and create pottery and ceramic, but I forgot the drying part….now I give it a try again…

MIMIRA POTTERY CENTER – India via google


found on pinterest

cool design

for dailylife, not that I find the designs aesthetic, BUT they are very functional, funny and helpful. Just think about the sleeping situation, and for those who hates to mix their food ingredients. I personally love the ink calendar and the solar charger…super design.

Those floors

aren’t they nice, the floors, shoes and the angle of the photos. Another wish for future tiles for kitchen and bathroom, or part of an entrancehall…..fresh and colourful.

Inspiring knit

This years hot arctic summer vacation have been spent with lots of knitting in  the sun and reading in the evening/nighttime, activities more related to fall. But the yarn and projects have been calling loudly. And these projects are just a little selection of things I would love to knit in the future…all those colourful sweaters must be so nice to knit.

Sometimes I wished my hands were speedknitting, bur perhaps its okay anyway they are slow and medium fast knitters.


knitted doormat, girly lamp, sweet matchsticks, lovely backsack, funny cups and naive kitchentools, nice and funny things

bling bling

Fantastic embroidery, knit, jewelry, patchwork, quilts and design by cuban born textile and fibre artist Lorena Marañon.

Enjoy some of her work here maranon. Playful, colourful and funny….

interior at the hospital

After having some days at the hospital with my youngest daughter, after an operation, It really made me think of how the interior should look to speed up the healing process.

Of course all the functional needs for employees at the hospital have to be respected,  but I still think that working and creating interior seen from a childs perspective help them having a better, less boring stay at the hospital…..the hours can be very very long with all the pain or waiting for help….

Colours, furnitures, lightning, details, storage, furnitures adding to the play, guest’ , the storytelling, and so on, I really would love to re-think the interior and design of the childrens departement at the national hospital i Greenland.

Recently I had contact with my old colourteacher from my study, which have been designing a lot of hospitals and nursing homes, I look forward to benefit from her huge knowledge and experience.

What I really thought was both nice but also a little bit too much was while we ended the surgeryroom, they had three huge screens running with cartoons, plus all the other things going on with doctors, nurses and preparing her for the surgery, a huge amount of input for a little soul….

I thought if they instead had lovely pictures in the ceiling, soft light and music, calm nurses, all with hightened sensitivity for the situation, sleeping in would have been more nice….

Designing hospitalspaces which help us all to move toward getting home  would be the best….Home IS the best…coming home is the best healing…good to be home again…