world of inspiration

If you like all kinds of art, architecture, fashion, design, interior, documentary, photography and cultural things check out this place full of videotreasures nowness

There is a lot of lovely interior videos (enjoy 89 of them at their page)… this is one of them…..

5gSBZyWjQKq9BshIkBo7_Screen Shot 2017-02-15 at 12.30.38.jpg

and a design video (enjoy 290 of them)……which is perfect, because I for the moment every second day create new pieces of ceramic…

m4VPwdxfQ0CiXzNa5GkQ_Screen Shot 2017-05-23 at 11.32.11.jpg




and it’s cool, it’s bizarre! The adjectives to describe Nicola Broughton‘s home could go to infinity. It’s cutting-edge, it’s chic, and yes, it’s individualistic, I couldn´t say it better as Decoholic Interior Design said it….its a wonderful home…rich of everything and most of all soulful!

Floor level

Books, mirrors, plants, paintings, shelves, lamps, vases, rugs, pillows…I like everytghing about these interiors. The simplicity and cosyness….

indian summer look

like the feeling of a kitten sleeping on the laps, or sitting in front of the house in the morning drinking a cup of coffee. I love when people fill up the walls with treasures and the floor is covered with small carpets (I’m trying to write with a little nameless kitten thinking he should help as well)….so short text for now.

found on An Indian summer from Bloglovin’

oro swimming hour and more

by illustrator nicholas stevenson, I could dive in to all the drawings, especially when they have interiors, they are magical…


Hi-Res-Penrose-Winoa-Sleeve by nicholas stevenson found on

Nicholas Stevenson – sketchbooks found on Mari small for big on pinterest