Blue colours


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I have been surfing and dreaming myself away in old porcelain sinks, window frames and floors from all kinds of places. And coincidential I went out for a meeting about an old local building we are going to renovate, and there I found a beautiful old sink, just like the one I dreamed of…


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Lovely spots

enjoy these nice spaces…I will write something tomorrow…..


Anne’s Thrifted and Collected-Abroad Cookware Treasures — Kitchen…found on


Patrik Hagborg – found on


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Patric Johansson photography for elle decoration found on

nice details

besides the cactuses I actually like but never had any of, probably because the neighbour to my grandparents had the house full of cactuses and I never regarded them as real plants….funny right…but a little amount of cactuses would be nice…

The colours in these kitchens are so nice….and the blue joint with the white tiles is really a cool detail…