´Only deep love fills the hole in the soul´

What a lovely statement! More love to the soul and The World…

‘The Stand Up Philosopher’ Tim Freeke have written the The Mystery Experience


One of the 4 books I´m reading for the moment, and Its quite interesting.

Since I was 9-10 years old have I been very curious about religions, spiritual life and awakening. Whatever I could read or hear about, Taoism, christianity, buddhism, channeling, afterlife and so much more have had my attention…while I have been participating all kinds of courses, retreats, lectures…from month long silent retreats, healing courses, visiting my christian priest on a regular basis at a very young child (my parents was atheist´, so the need came from within) meditating on a daily basis on my own, shamanistic session… well a whole lot and very different aspects of spiritual life…for years my  big home in Copenhagen was the meeting place for larger groups, where different teachers had public speakings and teachings about their field. I loved it…squeezing myself in between curious people (friends of friends of friends) sitting everywhere in my living rooms, laugh, questions, empathy, sharing interesting stories, dialouges, trying some of it….I  loved it…

My life have always been filled with teachers, people thinking out of the box or working with consciousness…

And this booking above is funny, pushing the boundaries…twisting the mind and having a nice comparisons with dailylife…


tim freeke

More about and from Tim Freeke on Vimeo


queen of coolness!

I forgot the rain…we have rain but in a little amount compared to the snow, I love both. When people express they miss or long after the good weather (the sun), I really don’t see the point…I really like the sun…but the snow, wind, rain, fog (especially the summerfog), freezing cold….all kind of weather with music(in my life music is mostly listen to music when I’m happy, and I listen to a lot of music these years…)…

found on diana212m.blogspot.com

“I was listening. I was waiting. I was praying to be restored. And that’s what happened. I feel powerful, now. Intact. Ready to heal the world.” Rickie Lee Jones

Her music have been there since my early teenage years….still worth listening to….

more + <3

…nice jewelleries, kitchentime, open storage, light, beautiful livingrooms, self love, grounding, meditation, movement, office interior, patterns, wallpaper, printing/stamping, odd photos, quilting, feminism, rugs, sewing, wallpieces and installations, intuition, linencloth, pretty old things, silly tarot-alike wallpieces, tarot, things on the head, small paitings, huge windows and windowseats, plants and workspaces filled with treasures…

+ <3

…knitting, florist, poems, reading, coffee, interior, workspaces, watering plants, soft light, windows, Greenland, abraham-hicks, silly animal photos, landart, nature, bedrooms, warm textiles, buddhism, bright prayer collars, colourful facades, kitchen, bohemian dresses, details, amazing doors, embroidery, functional entrance space, fish, salads, vegan food, daybeds, homemade things, chakras and healing, dreamlife, illustrations, japan, shibori…and so much more….to be continued….

You can’t get enough raw whale skin!

if some of you ever consider visiting Greenland, have a look at this page, Visit Greenland 


Ulamertorsuaq & Nalumasortoq | Flickr –

It looks like the photos are done by the talented photographer Mads Pihl, which I have used for several projects, latest where I was asked in 2013 to design the concept of Arctic Wintergames 2016.

Its a huge sports event for young people from the whole Arctic…for that project I used photographer Mads Pihls portraits as a kind of signature for the whole design, because I think the photos are really modern and from my point of view very representative and cool for the youth in Greenland.

Juuliu Lundblad by photographer Mads Pihl


from the bigarcticfive.com

One of the locals have made this funny list , 16 signs you are born and raised in Greenland some of them are quite funny nevertheless real! I’m born in Greenland, but not raised here, but I still agree with a lot of the signs…



Beyond the colourful facades

I think these facades describes the residents, unique people with these kinds of facades…

It reminds me of Ville Villekulla, the beautiful and colourful villa of Pippi Longstocking by the swedish author Astrid Lindgren….

Tirunamavalai, India

I really dont know if this pink pavillion is from an exebition, but I like it..

warm lovely colours, very delicate…

Ricardo Bofill | Walden 7, Catalonia Spain

my own facade, but not THAT colorful as the other ones..

my own house in february in snow, to the right green house, to the left pink house…

the captain and the tide

snow, water outside…work work work…too many days ago I have blogged…a little music in between memos, projects and preparing for holiday in some weeks…

summervacation home…trampoline, bonfire, hammock, fishing, sleeping, late evenings, a lot of icecream, long walks in the HUGE landscape…

write later, in the middle of projects with very old preserved buildings

B-131 foto.jpg

Nuuk around 1917

knit finds

I’m knitting a lot these days, smaller projects but have to start a bigger one now and finish a present/ knitproject end of the month, where we have a very loved friend of my eldest daughter on a little vacation flying in from Denmark…