clean eating and desertlist

Part of my packing list for my month in the desert…

  2. HATS

I look forward to spend a lot of time outside, and wonder if I’m going to stay outside alone a whole night…scary but will look deep at my fear…

I really look forward to my extraordinary detox diet: gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, nutrient-dense organic meals for a whole month…I have tried it before and it creates miracles…not only in my body but also have a huge effect on my mind and soul….

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my mood today!

feeling like as I waltz…joyful, happy, life is good…spending my day with carpenters creating the exibition the next days with my clients huge collection of minerals and rare stones…I will try to remember to shoot some photos…

If you want to listen to more of this lovely music go to the website of Dreamers Circus, where you can listen to their new album…enjoy your weekend….

soon spiritual sacred spaces

at The Institute of Mentalphysics   also called Joshua Tree Retreat Center, where I will spend a whole month… going from snowlandscape to desert landscape… and a huge difference in temperatures….

For those of you who are architecture lovers the center is ventured by american Edwin J Dingle together with the famous  architect Frank Lloyd Wright and his son Lloyd Wright back in the 40’s.

I think I will find my sandals and bathing suit…together with my meditation gear…

skærmbillede 2019-01-09 11.26.11






night to day in 5 seconds

This it how it looks when a meteorit hits Nuuk, yesterday we was having dinner with the neighbours, when my eldest daughter and I suddenly saw this turqouse/blue/white light, like someone just turned on the daylight outside in the dark..


Watch some interesting movieclips and more photos in this article from a newspaper in Denmark…

Right after the light, I saw two planes, and one of the passengers from the first plane took this amazing photo of the meteorit seconds before it was hitting the ground…just in front of our windows….I think this photo is amazing!

Earlier today I had a talk with some of the employes of my costumer The ministry of Mineral resources, some geologist’ and they had interesting stories to tell about meteorits and told me this particular meteorit had hit somewhere in the mountains in front of my livingroom windows.. unfortunately none of them had seen the meteorit or the light yesterday!


the light could be seen 320 km north from here….in a town called Sisimiut (the map call it Holsteinsborg, an old danish name).


and 482 km to the south in Qaqortoq (Julianehåb)




my new work- and dining table….


found on HAY.DK


T12 black

with my old Børge Mogensen J39 chairs….


Børge Mogensens J39-chair , found on juhls bolighus

Its good for me and my home that I like simplicity, otherwise it would be difficult not to buy all the new furnitures I work with…a lot of the HAY products would be invited in…but but, too little little home, or more important I’m very little materialistic…discarding is quite easy for me, so the more space the better…perhaps that is a little in conflict with my interiordesigner background, but all of us designers are probably very different…some collect, others are having less is more as their mantra, I really love functional and beautiful things, but I dont have a need of having them in my home…