mending and embroidery

why not do some mending and lovely embroidery instead of throwing out the cloth , its a form of wabi-sabi – the beauty of the imperfect….

inner space work

by south african landscape artist Karin Daymond, I really like her  colourcombinations, the light and richness of details….have a look at her homepage, there is plenty of her wonderful work….so much nature…

Karin Daymond Elise’s Garden found on

i am japanese: Karin Daymond(South African, b.1967)…found on

ceramic love

…a little selection of some of the things I recently have made (2 of them made by one of my daughters), at my ceramic-pottery course….what a joy to open the oven and bring out the treasures, and getting amazed by ones own trial and error attempts….this morning I went up very early to set the table with most of it, and to experience how they work in use….that was nice…they work…

I have several new favourite cups for my morning coffee….

ceramic…so much to create

A little selection from a whole new universe in my life, ceramic…I really like it…and must say that already now, hour after hour have been spent trying to figure out what to do, how to do it, and most of all playing with it….and besides its very nive to learn something new, my new claycollegaues are so nice people…AND me and the girls are together as well….


more plates, just taken out of the oven…aviajaspace 2017


Cup, vase, candleholder, plates for cheese, small bowls…aviajaspace 2017

IMG_5097 (1)

…aviajaspace 2017


Cup, vase, milkjug, tealightholder..just made, waiting and drying before the oven….aviajaspace 2017



a lot of new things on its way to the kitchen…aviajaspace 2017

the sweetest calendar this year…

for me hanging next to my bed…and best of all, made by my lovely girls, Anouk and Milla…they have been busy although they say the opposite…I just love it…it smells like my favourite candy, chocolate liqourice….which I look forward to taste…but the best is all the drawings, and although I’m supposed to cut one day off every day, I won’t, its way to sweet to be cut….I need to keep it together with all the other homemade advent calendars I have recieved the last seven years…


christmas eve….aviajaspace

soon december

a little bit christmas from our home, and its getting more and more red….