Breathing the good life

repairing a bunch of cloth, adding flowers to some trousers, nice cold weather, first heavy snowcloud making the rooftops white, ravens chasing each other for pieces of food – screaming, playing with the toddlers of the neighbours, eating veganpie, listening to so much lovely music, watching the local kayakmen turning the kayak, last flowers, familytime and fallvacation for the girls.

Honeymoon with life

I have been writing so much lately at my inualife page about my new business and spiritual subjects that I havent had the time to write here as much as I like…balance, balance.

Im meditating a lot, working professionally with my intuition demands training my intuition muscle everyday, as well as silent, calm, alone and creative time, that opens up and sharpen it.

Lately I have started giving sittings as a medium, and it is so touching and giving.

Since I was a little girl, spirits have been paying me regularly visits, especially in the evening. At that time I didnt understand it, or had adults understanding it, I was more labeled as too sensitive, and were alone with these strange visitors, messages and sights.

Information about people when they would die, they were ill, having babies, sensing kind and not kind people, seeing their passed on relatives, whispering next too me, or most of all standing around me and touching me.

I didnt like the last thing, because it could happen out of nowhere, and I didnt know what to do about it.

So over the years I ignored it and was fighting it, until it didnt really existed in dailylife. Sometimes it suddenly popped up with a strong appearence and stayed for months.

Some years ago I met a psychic, medium and healer which said I had all these gifted abilities which would be good if I used them (which isnt the first time someone told me)…but the first time I felt ready to deal with it, open up towards that part of myself and working with my fear and hidden away in the dark abilities.

Having mentors around me has helped me to acknowledge it as a power more than a curse, which actually has made me more happy and aligned within myself and my life!

And of course having someone around me helping me with the right tools dealing with it, makes it much easier to contain.

So here I am dived in to a huge wonderful world, the veil is wide open, its like having a part of myself in two worlds at the same time, turning on and off the switch.

Since I opened the door to this, life has actually been more in flow, easier, more calm and helpful, that is so profound.

Like putting lovely seeds in my inner garden, seeing them grow fast!

Some hours later, “Sermitsiaq” our local mountain!


(actually shorter ) now before christmas…we have some chalkmarkers we love to use on our windows, and suddenly (while I was on the phone) the windows were decorated!

The light is so soft this time of the year, we have very warm weather for the time, no frost, but suddenly it pour down with snow. Last year on this day, we woke up to a lot of snow.

Not that I remember it, but Im sitting right now at the office of the mechanic, while the winter tires are put on the car, and he told me, last year on this day EVERYONE wanted to change tires.

Summer tires on new snow feels like soap 🙂 So Im glad Im ready to greet the snow!

The days are gifted with so beautiful light, sunrises, sunsets, so much sun during the day, and in the evening northern light everywhere. Its like everytime we pass the windows we are gifted with a new beautiful sight!


I have been out driving my eldest daughter for 2 weeks work at the kitchen of Royal Greenland, as part of her school having some “adult worklife”.

So every morning up early, out in the dark, a heaven full of stars and a moon, a glimpse of the last northern light in the sky!

I love early mornings, there is something soft, safe, silent and promising about a new day!

Today was the end of very early mornings, tomorrow the girls have autumn holiday…