Real snow

Its snowing heavy these days, you know its december because every morning I need to start the day moving lots of snow at the path to the house…nice and fresh way of starting the day. Its like the coffee taste so much better.

So this is how it looks when the wind has “sprayed” snow on the windows! And usually the windows will be full covered by snow within some weeks.

ceramic power

Sneak peak my new stoneware ceramic, 6 huge cups with experimental abstract glaze flowers.

This is one of the smaller cups! Im very satiesfied…

The whole weekend will be spent (together with my girls) throwing cups and plates…relaxing in between christmas month, new interiorproject and soon moving to a new home…

Endless possibilities

Getting ready to start up a new interior project, I will talk about in the new year… ideas are flowing right now…with a good sense of what I will achieve with the spaces….although Im in the middle of moving out our home in 3 weeks, and christmas on its way, starting up a new project always creates an idea bubble, hours of concentration and focus on the project…I love that! I love the design proces…I love getting ideas, I love finding the main idea and see it grow, coming out of my head, down on paper and in to the spaces…

1.advent and adventure

Lately I have been very busy and haven’t really understood that my girls have been preparing an advent calendar for me , AGAIN, they are so sweet, and I was so touched by their kindness, their effort and creativity that tears ran like a river.

Today I had a crystal as my present!

And we have made an advent calendar together, 8 days each, nice activities all 24 days in december.

Today we make the activity of my eldests daughter Anouk, sweet honey cakes, she prepared the dowe several months ago!

That is so wonderful.

Plus its really snowing a lot outside, really christmas weather…I love this month.

Today there will be orange shining stars in all the windows in Greenland, such a nice tradition.

This year we will enjoy the month even more, because its our last christmas and month in our lovely house. Right after christmas we move out our house and the new owners will have the pleasure of the most wonderful house, location and view.

Then our new adventure will start!

Flow with it

By the way I have sold all my new pottery / ceramic I just took out the owen tuesday. I had it on my Instagram account and suddenly I had a request of selling it, so now all of it is shipped to Poland, and will be christmas gifts. Im thrilled and happy that hours of joy, happiness and curiousity can leed to this…I will continue going with the flow and create more ceramic and magic…