Is our new little webshop on instagram : iMADETHETHINGS

My eldest daughter is home from her school (as well as my youngest), so I asked her to start a webshop with our own homemade things, vintage things, things from our home we dont use anymore, things bought out there in the lovely world, now when we are minimalist’ ….then she has something to do during the lockdown and at the same time earn some money.

Cool knit

Leftover yarn skirt
Soon finishing
I love the colourshift

I have for years been knitting on a project so I could use leftover yarn from my projects. First it was meant to be a blanket, but I have turned it in to a skirt and one of the days it will be finished. It is so satiesfying and definitely not the last leftover knit project I will make. I have a lot of yarn for a smaller project – so I wonder what the design will be next time.

My eldest daughter is waiting to use it, my best friend is waiting to use it, and I look forward to wear the skirt 🙂

My youngest daughter 13years old in some weeks) has actually started to design and sew her own cloth in the style and design she wants it. She do it all by her self and by hand…thats so nice – and she is wearing the cloth everyday.

My eldest is busy bee sewing beautiful facemask’ in lovely patterns and colours. And then she is so good at quilting and patchwork. I really love that I can share some of my passions and interest’ with my children…


Listening to some nice music by canadian Rhye while knitting the thumb at the halfmittens which was supposed to be ready for christmas, but now they will be ready within the next weeks. Since start of december I have been busy with my weekly course, and still have some weeks to go. I went in already after it had started so had to catch up several weeks work, thats the reason why knitting had to wait.

Preparation for knitting for the thumb and the other halfmitten

Listening to Rhye – Intro with the Danish girl choir

The group Rhye with Mike Milosh have made a new album “Home” four of the songs is together with DR Pigekoret – Danish National Girls Choir. Its wonderful, I love the choir together with electronic music, its a good combination.

Get it done

My november and partly december knitprojects given as christmaspresents for my daughters. Im just going to finish the yellow/rosecoloured halfmittens the coming days.

Several new large sweaterprojects will be started when I have more time after a course I am taking these months with this yarn.

And then I have some beautiful coloured muskox yarn which I would love to turn in to some warm buffs for next winter. Muskox is the warmest yarn in the world – actual so warm that I find it too warm from time to time. At Rigshospitalet, the most specialized hospital in Denmark they use knitted muskox cloth for the neonatal born babies to keep them warm.

My Muskox yarn from Greenland

Right on track

Right on the time schedule, both relaxing time, knitting time, meeting with fellow mediumshipcourse attendees more or less everyday from all over the world, familytime and preparing for christmas.

A little christmas present in advance

Homemade smudgestick – pine tree, orangepiece and an oistershell found on the beach at the Wadden Sea part of the national Park – close to my eldest daughter and her school.

Busy with knitting the edge of the slipover for my youngest daughter
Soon finished with another slipover to my youngest
We always give each other a little before christmas evening present – this year I gave the girls “healthy” nailpolish
Our lovely tree – we need to put a little bit more ornaments on it – I live the red candlelights…the top star is a compromise – our old old one fell apart…so this in between homemade star is made of straw.

Winter Solstice Evening

Flowers from my father
Christmas is flowertime
Old wood apples

Christmas time has arrived. We went out yesterday to bring home a specific tree we had in mind. After four years without a tree, because we didnt liked it to travel all the way to Greenland.

This year we thought a little tree we could plant out in the garden was the thing…BUT we went out and saw several trees we could plant out and not, and suddenly there was this wonderful absolutely beautiful tree, which are cut, a lot bigger than we decided, it took us with storm! When we came home, a little bit in chock, we realized we didnt have any christmas tree holder(what ever its called :-)), so that was number one task today finding one which was big enough. We managed to find one, bring it home, put up the tree, decorate it this evening. We are thrilled with our first tree in years 🎄