those eyes

for a longer period I have been collecting eyes and freckles…so for now some wonderful humans with lovely eyes…some of the hairstyles are also very cute, and indeed good photographers. Prepare for some freckles…and redhaired…

and a single cat….meow…

plants in the home

I recently had all my plants home from my office, which have changed our home from simplicity to green. Every day I have a little chat with all the plants, and they obviously like it, because they grow a lot (probably more because they have so much arctic light, its getting dark very late in the evening, and only in a month it won’t even get dark during the night and instead we have midnight sun).

integrity in interior

first photo is a detail from a kitchen in an apartment for sale now in Malmo, Sweden…second photo is the kitchen…I think its so nice with the basket at the wall….I consider borrowing the broken red bicycle basket from my youngest daughter…but first I have to dig it out from all the snow…(its snowing so nice and calm today, a little like a christmasmovie)….the last photos is from a Copenhagen apartment of Karen Marie Kornum and her company another ballroom…….enjoy

found on

karin kornum from

karin kornum from


I like when bookshelves have some air beneath and above…it makes them less heavy and crowded, and much easier to clean…


knitted doormat, girly lamp, sweet matchsticks, lovely backsack, funny cups and naive kitchentools, nice and funny things

People and magic

I ran over these illustrations and artpieces when I looked for interior illustrations, and I couldn’t resist showing them…I love the imagination and inner universe of other people…besides they are pretty well painted…

Nader Sharaf’s “Moderate Love for Nature” series of hand-signed giclée prints found on




Get lost!

A lot of details, interior, appealing, excitement, want to jump direct in to the environments of the paintings and illustrations and have a cup of coffee and get lost, rooms I want to live in, all kinds of artist and illustrators.

yelena bryksenkova found on



healing space

Children’s hospitals are transforming their approach to care, replacing outmoded facilities and adopting family friendly policies to make an often-painful experience less traumatic for parents and children. More of this…and this kind of designthinking…

more dharma art

from artist Kazuaki Tanahashi, artist, writer, and peace worker, accomplished Japanese calligrapher and Zen teacher. Born and trained in Japan, and working towards creating healing art. I like he creates a lot of his art only with one brushstroke.


A little collection…..I love the titles….