I always thought that the airvalve knobs or handles are so boring, so all over the house I have cut them off and changed them for large old christmas baubles, in different colours and shapes. This is one of them hanging in the living room…I love the gold at the purple wall…


photo aviaja szomlaiski olsen

More celebration

with light, photos, snow and ice, details, healthy food, jewelleries, patterns, togetherness, books, little sister and most important the most aesthetic girl in the world, big sister and eldest daughter, Anouk Selma… today 13 years old…

Lucky me, two girls, birthday same week, humour, caring and most of all curious nice human beings…

interior at the hospital

After having some days at the hospital with my youngest daughter, after an operation, It really made me think of how the interior should look to speed up the healing process.

Of course all the functional needs for employees at the hospital have to be respected,  but I still think that working and creating interior seen from a childs perspective help them having a better, less boring stay at the hospital…..the hours can be very very long with all the pain or waiting for help….

Colours, furnitures, lightning, details, storage, furnitures adding to the play, guest’ , the storytelling, and so on, I really would love to re-think the interior and design of the childrens departement at the national hospital i Greenland.

Recently I had contact with my old colourteacher from my study, which have been designing a lot of hospitals and nursing homes, I look forward to benefit from her huge knowledge and experience.

What I really thought was both nice but also a little bit too much was while we ended the surgeryroom, they had three huge screens running with cartoons, plus all the other things going on with doctors, nurses and preparing her for the surgery, a huge amount of input for a little soul….

I thought if they instead had lovely pictures in the ceiling, soft light and music, calm nurses, all with hightened sensitivity for the situation, sleeping in would have been more nice….

Designing hospitalspaces which help us all to move toward getting home  would be the best….Home IS the best…coming home is the best healing…good to be home again…


with cats in all sizes, snow, climbing, swimming, playing, horses, books, sister and most important the most funny girl in the world, little sister and youngest daughter, Milla Misou…and today 9 years old…

new bed

I have been longing for a new bed for a very long time, now is the time….and its going to be this way, futon style….the futon matresses have been developed over the last years and have become super quality if you not have been growing up with a cottonbed.

I like the idea of on a daily basis to put away the bedding after sleep and use the room in a different way…so thats how its going to be…


Traditional Japanese double futon bed found on

But I havent decided whether or not Im going to have tatamimats, I love them, but its still creating a totally different look in my bedroom…lets see before the day ends waht I have decided.